Photo Gallery

Severe Fire Damage

This home experienced severe fire damage from a space heather that malfunctioned. Luckily no one was injured, however the structural damage and soot damage was considerable and required several days of hard work by our trained professionals.

Condominium Water Leak in Two Units

This condominium experienced a water leak from the unit above and called in our team to help dry the structure. We also worked with the source unit to help mitigate water damage to their flooring. Both unit owners were happy with our quick response time and great communication.

Fire In An Office Building

This office building experienced a heavy fire and required a quick response to begin professional cleaning and deodorization. Many items had to be inventoried and disposed of as we worked closely with the insurance company.

2019 Winter Storm

In the Winter of 2019 a heavy snow storm hit the Pacific Northwest. Roads were closed and many people could not leave their homes for days. Our team was prepared with chains and snow tires for our vehicles. We responded to countless calls for flooding and broken pipes, helping people in their time of need.

Storm Causes Toilet Backup

A late night storm in Lynnwood caused this toilet to backup all throughout the lower level of a family’s home. We began emergency services within one hour of receiving the call and helped minimize further damage.

Top 100 Rated Franchise

This past year SERVPRO of Lynnwood was proud to be recognized at our annual convention as a Top 100 performing franchise. Our dedicated team worked hard to attain this goal; however we could not have accomplished this without the support of our loyal community and clients. Thank you everyone!

Celebrating Ten Years In Business

In 2018 SERVPRO of Lynnwood celebrated ten years in business. We are proud to serve our customers and communities and look forward to many more years. Thank you to all of our loyal clients and friends who recommend us.

Difficult Situations: Biohazard Cleaning

Allow SERVPRO of Lynnwood to help relieve the worry and stress that comes with cleaning biohazard situations. You will have peace of mind knowing that our staff is compassionate, discreet, and professionally trained to deal with any size of crime scene or trauma clean up.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

Faster to any size disaster. This is not just another tag line for SERVPRO—it is a commitment to be there when you need us most. Here at SERVPRO of Lynnwood, we are here to help make it “Like it never even happened.” if one of those disasters comes your way. With experience ranging from entire facilities affected to multiple high-rise levels we can take on any size of job with our experienced and trusted team.

Longtime Employees Committed To Our Team

SERVPRO of Lynnwood has many longtime employees who have been dedicated to our team for many years. Leo, Robert, Armando and Horacio all have over 7 years of experience with us and are excellent leaders. Here they pause for a quick photo while working on a commercial jobsite.

SERVPRO's Quality Personnel

SERVPRO is committed to hiring quality team members who are invested in the care of each and every customer. SERVPRO employees work hard to integrate themselves into local organizations that support the fields we operate in. We are passionate about supporting local communities, property management, insurance, building and real estate industries to stay informed about current issues and methods for growth.

SERVPRO of Lynnwood Attends the NARPM National Convention

Our team is proud to support the NARPM Organization and has enjoyed networking with Property Management Professionals at the annual National Convention to discover how we can best serve our clients!

Beaver Dam Breaks In Mill Creek

A Mill Creek neighborhood flooded Wednesday after a retention pond overflowed. The City of Mill Creek says two trees snapped and smashed a beaver dam, releasing a gush of water into the neighborhood. Several houses were flooded and street were closed for hours while emergency crews worked to remove the waist-high water levels. Our crews were dispatched immediately and began helping customers extract water from their ground floors.

Storm Waters Flood Basement

This Mountlake Terrace basement flooded due to a severe rainstorm that caused excessive groundwater. Groundwater can carry unknown contaminants that can travel with the rain water that passes through the soil and pickup potential pesticides which become deposited in the home. We worked quickly to extract the standing water, decontaminate and begin drying the structure and contents.

Water Damage and Microbial Growth in Crawl Space

This Seattle home was affected by a broken pipe in the crawlspace which created significant visible microbial growth. Our team tackled the problem with proper protective wear and remediated the damage by removing mold, wet insulation, drying the structure and replacing the vapor barrier.

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen fire was the result of a microwave that malfunctioned and caused extensive soot and smoke damage throughout the home. The kitchen was nearly unrecognizable upon arrival with heavy residue on walls, ceilings and all household surfaces.

Water Damage in Commercial Strip Mall

This vacant commercial strip mall suffered water damage after a pipe burst in the wall during cold weather. The room had standing water and required immediate extraction. Our team responded quickly and began the drying process.

Residential Storm Damage

This Bellevue home was damaged during a storm and required an emergency board-up and cleaning for the floor to ceiling windows that had broken in the living room. We securely packed and moved contents of the home so that the owners could move out while repairs were made.

Microbial Growth on Carpet

This carpet shows visible signs of microbial growth due to a water leak that went undetected. In this situation the carpet was disposed of and our team treated the area with an anti-microbial serum.

Apartment Fire

This Bothell apartment fire took place after food was left unattended on the stove. Our team worked diligently to clean the structure and pack out affected contents that could be salvaged and cleaned.

Church Fire

This devastating church fire in Mount Vernon required many hours of hard work from our team members. SERVPRO was able to salvage many items that were soot and smoke damaged. After several weeks of cleaning and repairs the church was fully functional.

Packing and Moving Services

Our team packed out a large home that was affected by water damage. All contents were cataloged and taken to our warehouse to be dried, processed and stored until the homeowner was finished with restoration and repairs.

Water Damage in Lynnwood Home

This Lynnwood home had severe water damage that flooded the entire second and main floor of the home. We utilized our desiccant to dry the structure as there was over 2,000 square feet of affected area.

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial building suffered a large water loss due to a broken pipe during construction. Our team arrive onsite just 30 minutes after the first phone call and began extraction services immediately.

Commercial Fire Loss

This church suffered a devastating fire from a cigarette that was not properly extinguished. Our team was the first to respond and met with the adjuster to determine scope of work. The fire damaged several rooms which needed to be gutted and rebuilt. We also cleaned and stored all of the contents for the church until their items were ready to be packed back.

Mold Presence In Wall

This home had a moisture problem that caused a serious mold problem as you can see in this picture. We came in and removed all the moisture and mold and took care of all the repairs.

Wet Carpet In Commercial Facility

This facility had a water loss and the carpet was still soaked when we arrived. We brought in drying equipment such as fans and HEPA filtered air scrubbers to help remove all of the moisture.

Sewage Water Backup

This home had a backup of sewage water that caused extensive damage. The contaminated materials such as flooring and carpet were removed and excess moisture was dried. Our team worked diligently and quickly to restore the bathroom to normal conditions so that the family could return to their everyday lives. 

Crawlspace Flooding

Severe storms dumped heavy rains on our area that caused this crawlspace to flood, as you can in the image. Our team responded and was able to remove all the water and clean up the damage.

Condominium Fire

This condominium had a fire that started in the kitchen and spread soot and smoke throughout the unit quickly. The property management company asked us to respond and we worked closely with the insurance company to salvage and clean many of the household items.

Mold Growth Under Carpets

This Lynnwood home had mold growing on the subfloor under their carpet. The culprit was actually an eroded seal on the back door allowing for rainwater intrusion. Our team responded quickly to perform restoration services and treat the area with anti-microbial serum.

Containing Microbial Growth

Containing microbial growth is necessary during remediation for health and safety reasons. The spores from mold spread by airflow. By containing the mold the rest of the home will not be contaminated by spores during the cleanup process.

Welcome to Our Warehouse

It is important to our customers that we take good care of the items we process and clean from their homes. We provide full packing and moving services with secured and heated storage at our Lynnwood warehouse.

Commercial Drying Equipment

SERVPRO of Lynwood is ready for whatever happens. Our large desiccant helps with large commercial water damages. When drying a commercial building the desiccant will dry faster and cheaper than using all the small sized dehumidifiers.

Welcome to Our Office

We are located at 19327 21st Ave West Lynnwood, WA 98036. Our team is available for commercial and residential emergency response 24/7 365 days a year, we make disasters "Like it never even happened."