Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Microbial Growth on Carpet

This carpet shows visible signs of microbial growth due to a water leak that went undetected. In this situation the carpet was disposed of and our team treated the area with an anti-microbial serum.

Mold Presence In Wall

This home had a moisture problem that caused a serious mold problem as you can see in this picture. We came in and removed all the moisture and mold and took care of all the repairs.

Mold Growth Under Carpets

This Lynnwood home had mold growing on the subfloor under their carpet. The culprit was actually an eroded seal on the back door allowing for rainwater intrusion. Our team responded quickly to perform restoration services and treat the area with anti-microbial serum.

Containing Microbial Growth

Containing microbial growth is necessary during remediation for health and safety reasons. The spores from mold spread by airflow. By containing the mold the rest of the home will not be contaminated by spores during the cleanup process.